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Exhausts - Jun 2000



In a world of escalating prices, with motoring costs ever rising, it is encouraging to be able to bring news of a price reduction.

C.S.C. began in 1980 and in twenty years has built up a world-wide market for its high quality performance exhausts. The materials used in C.S.C. exhausts are of a higher grade than used in normal systems, a fact which is apparent by their weight and longevity. Mild steel silencers are wholly painted with electrostatic equipment with pneumatic atomizers on an ecopainting system----which means in terms we can all understand, the black finish is excellent and lasts a long time.

Systems are hand welded before being subjected to severe tests on a power stand, each item is guaranteed. In order to protect the high quality tail pipes each rear box is carefully packed before being despatched from Italy to E.B.Spares.During the last few months we have sold hundreds of C.S.C. exhaust components, a fact which has been recognised by the maker in terms of a price reduction.

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Initially at E.B.Spares we only sold a few systems to the more discerning Alfa owner but now C.S.C. exhaust pipes sell themselves as Alfisti have come to appreciate the long life, purposeful looks and performance they provide.
  • A system, with 4-branch manifold, for a 75 Twin Spark sounds really superb !
  • The 4-branch manifold kit for RHD 105 series Bertone 1750 & 2000 GTV gives around 5 bhp performance gain and links to a standard system.
  • A C.S.C. system works well on the older Alfetta GTV, a 4-branch is also available for this model (special order only), the twin tail section suits the rear of the car.
  • For 75 3-litre and GTV-6 the tail sections are heavy duty, nicely finished and produce a note in keeping with the engine.
  • Also V-6 branch manifolds

We have sent C.S.C. systems all over the world.

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