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V-6 Performance Exhaust Manifolds

A Monthly news update from David Edgington who has been selling Alfa Romeo spares for over 40 years).

Enthusiasts will be well aware that the standard exhaust manifold used on the GTV-6 and 75 2.5 and 3.0 V-6 engine does not provide optimum performance.

Although some increase can be obtained by fitting a pair of stainless steel manifolds from the SZ, maximum gas extraction is not possible due to the arrangement of the standard down-pipes. CSC has overcome this by providing a full performance extractor kit comprising manifold and down-pipes. The latter are unique in having 3 tuned primary pipes (1 for each cylinder) terminating in a single stainless steel flexible section with end pipe to join with a standard or CSC system.

This high performance extractor set is extremely well made and intended for long life----see the CSC section.
(CSC tail pipes, for use in conjunction with the above, are also available from our stock).

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