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Alfa Romeo 155 (16 valve and V-6 )

alfa romeo 156 parts and spares

Engine Parts.

  • Engine parts---oil filters, sparking plugs, gasket sets etc.
  • 16v TENSIONER PROBLEMS---- high mileage, well used, cars can experience belt tensioner failure---usually a costly experience! We carry belts, pulleys, variators. Also, valves, guides, engine bearings etc. Be sure to buy your 16v tensioner parts from us---save money! (see Camshaft locking tool )


  • We are the UK agents for Colombo & Bariani and can offer the very latest version of performance camshafts for your Alfa Romeo. (See Camshafts)



  • Grooved/ventilated discs (16v and 2.5), Superalfa brake pads. (See BRAKES).


  • We can supply a standard mild steel system for the 155. Also downpipes for V6 at a fraction of the original Alfa price! Downpipes are not only difficult to find but when they are available the price is usually inflated. Try us first!
  • Latest parts and technology at our fingertips—with 35 years experience and our own depot in Milan we are ideally situated to offer the best possible service and prices you can afford. Running a 155 can work out cheaper than you expect!


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