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If you already own an Alfa Romeo, it's a fair bet that you wanted the engineering and performance benchmarks that the car offers. You will have driven it safely and enjoyably for thousands of miles, replete in the knowledge that the car's capability exceeds the demands regularly made upon it. Acceleration is brisk, brakes are powerful but suspension, although adequate, could be improved---without a great deal of expense providing you buy carefully and heed sound advice.

We have been in business 37 years (far longer than any other UK based Alfa specialists) and have a strong relationship with manufacturers and top tuning specialists in Italy. Our parts department houses what is believed to be the largest stock of suspension dampers, springs, bushes and ball joints (for Alfas) in Europe.


  • We stock Koni Sport Shock AbsorbersKoni
  • We stock OSRAV topline shock absorbers direct from Italy.



We are agents for the well known Harvey-Bailey spring & bar kits. Developed by Rhoddy Harvey-Bailey who was works driver for Autodelta in the 1960s. The kits are available for Alfetta GTV, GTV 6 and Alfa 75. These suspension kits are rated as the best. We have sold many kits of bars and springs to Alfa enthusiasts worldwide and note how a single sale brings repeat business from the purchaser's friends who are amazed by the performance, improved driveability and enhanced road holding.


As well as supplying new standard bushes and ball joints, we also stock the Superflex replacment bushes. Polly bushes are available for

Castor rod
A frame bush
Watts linkage
Body to bar bushes (including aftermarket bars with different diameter)
Shock absorber mountings

We can advise you how to fit springs and dampers, and offer additional tips when it comes to replacing the various bushes.

Our name is our guarantee

We offer you a same day despatch service, proven goods, prices which Alfa enthusiasts can afford, advice gleaned from 30 years of Alfa experience backed by daily contact with Italy.

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