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Easy stage 1 tuning for 156 for around £60-00p!

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The conversion, basically for 156s of 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 capacity, involves substituting the standard air induction pipe for a larger version and adding a K & N high-flow air filter especially designed to increase bhp. The new induction pipe, being considerably larger, increases the ram effect of incoming cold air while the filter offer virtually unrestricted airflow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life. Although the cost of the filter is four times that of the standard component it is worth bearing in mind they never need to be replaced. It is quite a simple conversion but one that is worthwhile carrying out, however it should be pointed out that this is an entry level, low cost, tweak with the family man in mind and not a full blow fast road conversion---if you want more please look at SUSPENSION IMPROVEMENTS and TUNING or the 156 page.

To anyone fitting this modification it will become apparent how low down the air intake is situated on the 156, if anything rather too near the road! A few days ago we supplied engine parts for a 156 that had hit a pool of standing water of which a quantity had entered the air intake bending two connecting rods—the fact that the engine re-started, albeit somewhat unevenly, is a credit to Alfa engineering. Even so, an expensive rebuild was required so let this be a warning---watch out for those puddles! Should this warning arrive too late then we will gladly help you save money with the ensuing engine rebuild!