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Over the years there has been much cogitation on where the name Spider or Spyder originated when used in connection with motor vehicles. In the 18th century the term was used to refer to large wheels (usually two) on horse-drawn traps, gigs etc. The large wheels (which meant low rolling resistance) resembled a spider's web. But according the motoring historian Garuffa the term La Spider, when used in the Italian language, is a convertible sports car taking its name from the spider-shaped framework of the hood !

Original Alfa Romeo hoods (soft tops) were part lined and padded in black headlining, with lightly padded sides. This was to give a smooth line over the hoodframe as well as to act as soundproofing, furthermore the padding helped as a cushion for the hood material when folded and strapped down using rubber straps each side of the rear cockpit.

A typical lining of a hood, for example the top of the range German Mohair, equates (at the sides) to one layer of polyester (27%), a layer of rubber compound (50%) and a layer of 23% cotton (lining). Fireproof foam is also used. Mohair, originally goat hair, is now a simulated product

WARNING: for the technical, warp and weft of woven material for hooding is very relevant when one considers quality of the end product. Along the roll (warp) there is little give, thus making it ideal front to back application. But this limits the number of panels which can be cut per metre. Weft-cut across the roll is an economy cut which gives under strain. Certain hoods, especially some which emanate from Europe are of extremely poor quality and, once fitted, sag in the middle and become porous after a very short period. If your hood supplier cannot tell you the origin (the maker) or the warp/weft situation please be careful, merely being given Italy or Germany as origin is not good enough. ADVICE: a cheap hood won't fit correctly and will spoil the look of any Spider.

Here at E.B.Spares for the last 25 years we have only sold the well-known 'Coburn hoods' for Alfa Spiders as they are not only, in our opinion, the best on the market but they have been improved and modified over the years. More importantly each hood is accompanied by full fitting instructions and details of how to care for a hood to ensure long life. All hoods sold by us carry an E.B.Spares/Coburn guarantee of quality and perfection providing fitting instructions and maintenance are adheared to.

We stock a selection of hoods (soft tops) for Duetto and 2000 Spider, but 101 series Giulia and Giulietta are special order only. We also stock-Duetto Spider Sets of hood rubbers + top screen seal. 2000 Spider Top metal hood rail, rubber & metal front strips.

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