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The Duetto is one of the all-time greats in the Alfa Romeo line-up ensuring it a place in history. Anyone lucky enough to own a Duetto will want to restore it to original condition. Luckily some of the more difficult components, which in the past have proved so elusive, are becoming available again. The following are just some of the parts which make up our vast stock----just email your request.

  • Rear wings (fenders) available to special order. And rear panel.
  • Chrome hard top clamps-see illustration (now made in brass for long life).
  • Rear reflectors and oval shape side wing repeater lamps.
  • Rear light lenses---Carello now available.
  • Alfa Romeo boot lid script badge.
  • Farina side wing emblem---metal or plastic.
  • Centre grille---stainless steel, original AFRA type.
  • Splash plates for under the front wings. Improved type with better seal.
  • Soft tops---in various material, made by Coburn. With instructions etc.
  • Seat covers and door trim panels (see upholstery pages) .
  • Soft top and windscreen rubber seals.
  • Headlamp covers, chrome fittings-screw and rubber seal, also chrome headlight finishing ring. High output headlights for RHD and LHD
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