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The 156 is a true drivers car intended for the personal driving pleasure of an Alfa enthusiast needing 4 seats---it is indeed a very special and popular sports saloon. Although road tests wax lyrical about almost every aspect of the car it is always the road holding that leaves room for improvement. Although there are several packages on the market intended for an average off the shelf application, only ours are the result of an extensive development programme between an ex-Alfa Romeo works driver and a world renown company dedicated to motor sport, chassis tuning and suspension development.

Its now possible to vastly improve the handling of your 156 while at the same time retaining a comfortable ride. Our specially valved Bilstein dampers have been developed by ex-Autodelta driver Rhoddy Harvey-Bailey in conjunction with two Germany companies--- Bilstein and Eibach.The Bilsteins are available for all 156 models

They can be fitted on their own (except cars with self leveling) retaining the original springs and ride height, or with one of our special spring sets

Springs and ride heights can be tailored to suit each individual customers needs.

For the 16valve models we have our ‘blue’ springs, these are part of the development package by Rhoddy Harvey-Bailey and produced by Eibach of Germany. Each spring carrying the E.B.Spares name as a sign of this three-way development. This spring set gives a slightly lower ride height than standard and is perfect for everyday enthusiastic use. A full E.B.S. handing kit with Bilsteins and ‘blue’ springs will allow an enthusiastic 156 owner to achieve the best possible harmony between driver, car and the road. The kit enhances the cars driving characteristics while retaining both safety and comfort.

We also offer for the 16 valve the original Alfa Sport pack springs for a slightly lower ride height. If you are seeking to lower your 156 more then we can supply Eibachs Pro Kit.

For the V6 and Diesel models we can supply Bilsteins on there own, retaining the original springs and ride height, or the Alfa Sport pack springs which give approx 20mm lowered ride height. Also available from stock are the Eibachs pro kit springs.

For cars fitted with self leveling, Our special valved Bilstein kit is only available as full kit of springs and shocks. You just have to decide which ride height you prefer.


We carry in stock the popular sports anti roll kit. Includes both front and rear anti roll bars in 26mm and 18mm.

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