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While 21st century technology is applied to most aspects of the automotive spare parts industry there are certain components that have not benefited by change-a typical example being high-tension (H.T.) cables. The vast majority of owners of older cars fitted with carburettors along with a basic form of distributor and coil ignition system prefer to use high-tension spark plug cables with a copper insert because, quite frankly, they work better! Modern cables, with a silicon insert, are intended for cars with computerised technology and not for the older ignition systems.

In the 1960s Alfa Romeo used a green coloured set of spark plug leads with a copper centre core. A black over-sleeve secured the leads together to provide a clean under bonnet area. Alfas racing heritage was apparent in the manner with which the leads were secured--- a small clamp (on cars not fitted with a screw-in thermostat) attached them to one of the studs holding the thermostat cover. These green leads, with a copper core, not only worked well but they looked good and nowadays epitomise Alfas built in 1960s, 1970s and early 80s.

Reproduction ht lead clamp with rubber protection

Semi-modern Alfas

For semi-modern Alfas such as the 75 Twin Spark, 75 3.0, 164-early cars only and SZ ES-30 we have the original style leads which come as a full harness with caps covers and rubbers. For the 75 TS we also have separate ROTORS for the pair of distributors. All these are as original except for one small difference---they are much cheaper-in most cases better than half original price.

Ignition-if you are changing spark plug leads we have a full selection of distributor caps, rotors and contact sets. Wherever you are in the world please don't feel isolation you are only an email away from obtaining Alfa parts at prices you can afford!

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