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A Monthly news update from David Edgington who has been selling Alfa Romeo spares for over 40 years).

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The installation of a 75 twin spark engine into the older Giulia 105 cars, has been exceedingly popular since first being undertaken by Ferrari specialist Mike Elliott at “Superformance” back in 1996. (This conversion was described in Classic & Sportscar of August 1996). The engines were modified as follows--- forged pistons, a Ferrari 308 distributor, a fabricated inlet manifold and Colombo & Barriani camshafts---supplied by us


We can also supply tubular steel exhaust manifolds for the conversion. produced by CSC in Italy.


The problem with carrying out such a conversion has been obtaining, or fabricating, an inlet manifold suitable for adapting carburettors in place of the fuel injection system. This obstacle has now been overcome and a suitable inlet manifold is available for this conversion.

Ignition is now covered by using a fully mapable distributorless system along with blanking plates to cover the apertures left by the removal of the original distributors. A conversion like this has the advantage of providing a reasonably authentic under-bonnet appearance, as well as providing a basis for further tuning in order to attain searing performance from a 2-litre engine.
For an owner of a 105 series car not wishing to go to these extremes a standard 75 twin spark engine can be installed retaining the original fuel injection and ignition system—as shown by Bob Farnborough’s example seen here.
We can supply pistons & liners, gaskets, bearings etc., at our usual discounted prices for anyone considering such a conversion.
For either type of conversion three stages of camshaft are presently available, although being the official agent for Colombo & Barriani gives us the advantage of using their latest technology and improvements and access to many ‘special’ profiles.
We are usually in a position to supply a used 75 TS engine as a basis for such a conversion, or we can provide (to special order) a complete engine rebuilt and ready for installation.
This conversion has been carried out successfully also by Alfetta owners, so whatever your requirements (road or race) contact us for specialist advice.

Shown below are some recent dyno tests kindly produced by AHM from a TS conversion carried out on a Giulia Super, using parts supplied by ourselves.

Twin spark T       Twin spark P