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Sergio Viancos from Santiago Chile.

As I am 52 and a car fanatic since ever, lot of cars and motorcycles are in the list. I used to design and build my own turbocharger kits in the 70s and 80s. Designing intercoolers, exhaust manifolds and lowering compression ratios were my passions.

The Italian preference was from the beginning. I started with a Benelli 250cc 1962 when I was 17. Then a Fiat 600 (actually 850cc Abarth) and later an Austin Mini Cooper S. In the latter years, I had a 180 bhp Fiat Uno Turbo specially equipped in Italy and a 280 bhp Lancia Thema Turbo. Some non-Italian like a Honda XX 1100 cc and a 330 bhp Subaru STI are also in the list. I do not mention the boring ones like Honda Accord or Mitsubishi Montero.

To own an Alfa Romeo V6 was in my priority list. I wanted something very Italian, 4 doors and powerful but not turbo charged, as I was bored of not having enough punch at low revs.The Alfa 156 2.5 V6 was my choice as the 156 GTA is not available in Chile. (My wife calls my 156 a "pretty woman" because it is delicate and hot when she wants).(--Not any more with the new water pump!!)

It was bought in mid 2006 with 38K miles and my intention is to keep it as a classic car but well prepared for performance. EB Spares has been my best parts supplier - excellent experience in advising and quick delivery.

Water Pump

This is the state of the old water pump. Our 156 V6 pump has a metal impeller to replace the Plastic one.
See bigger view


The car main equipment summary is as follows:
EB Spares suspension kit
Supersprint rear silencer oval 145x95 including centre pipe.
211 bhp Squadrachip which includes the 3.0 24v larger intake runners.
OZ Ultraleggeras & Continental Sportcontact 2 - 215/45/17

Finally the car is ready with its new suspension kit and water pump.

Driving impression:

Test with original wheels and Goodyears Eagle 205/60/15:
Excellent ride and suspension behavior. Above my expectations with these tires.

Test with OZ Ultraleggeras and Continental Sportcontact 2 215/45/17:
Wonderful experience. The car is so well balanced that I can not make any criticism. Having the doubt of the rear springs, the change is so dramatic that the cost is fully paid off.

The old water pump was a free wheeling device. The plastic impeller was broken and that was the reason of working at low revs only. Now the car is running cooler as it should be.

Next extra money will go to performance brakes.